Equipment for production of biscuits

The kneading dough machine

The kneading dough machine – is a high-tech machine designed for quick and high-quality making dough for cookies, sponge cakes, etc. Kneading occurs in a bowl of stainless steel in accordance with the rules for food production. Two shafts pass through a bowl attached thereto Z-shaped blades that lower into a bowl with ingredients and rotate toward each other, make dough. Control over kneading dough is performed by an automatic system PLC.

Output: 350 kg / h.

Frequency of rotation of the blade: 17 min-1-32 min-1.

The dough rolling machine with calibration system of dough

The dough rolling machine is used to reduce thickness of solid mass of dough by rolling it. The control and line operations are performed by system PLC.

Bandwidth of production - 800-1200 mm.

Output - 200-1700 kg / h.

The gap between the rollers regulated and infinitely variable - 0-22 mm.

The stamping machine

The stamping machine (forming) is designed for forming dough pieces. A forming of dough pieces is made by next way: pressing dough by corrugated rolls through holes of matrices of various configurations and subsequently cutting dough strand into individual dough pieces by wire cutting mechanism.

Press molds for making dough pieces

There are two types of press molds: corrugated rolls and a forming rotor. There are recesses in shape of biscuits on the surface of forming rotor, the bottom has a pattern. The press molds are made from materials used in the food industry.

The container for preparation and storage of invert

Made of stainless steel. Has a chromium-nickel valve and transfer pump.

Capacity: 1000 kg.

The mill for production of powdered sugar

The mill is designed to grind sugar in powdered sugar in food production with a capacity of 500kg/h. Particle size of the powdered sugar - 15-50 microns. The body material, the feed tube and the storage container of finished products are made of stainless steel.

The machine for sandwiching biscuits with cream

The machine that makes round, rectangular or oval multilayered biscuits impregnated with cream, jam, etc. All the machine parts are made of stainless steel. There are two alternative ways for the impregnation – by two or four heads. Output in the impregnation by four heads:
  • The rectangular biscuits - 1600 pcs/min.
  • • The round biscuits - 2000 pcs/min.
  • • Output in the impregnation by two heads: 1000 pcs/min.

The machine for recasting defective products

This is a kind of mill, what allows recasting defective products, the purpose of further adding of crushed mix to dough again. All parts are made of stainless steel.

Output: 500-1000 kg / hour.

Fineness of grinding: 70-150 microns.

The packing machine Flow-Pack with a side feed

The machine is designed for one type of packaging. The characteristic feature of the machine is the simplicity of control and regulation. Biscuits from a conveyor fed into sticks, and then transferred with the pusher to a conveyor of the packaging machine for packing.

Output: 80-150 pel./min.

The filling machine of confectionery products

As a stuffing (filler) can be used various creams, jam, condensed milk, marmalade, etc.
  • a feeding conveyor with 10, 12, 16 cradles (depending on the desired performance)
  • a buffer container for filler
  • a pneumatic pump for supplying filler
  • a system of uniform distribution of filler (stuffing)
  • a twelve-charged injector - filler with valves
  • a vertical displacement mechanism with a pneumatic actuator
  • a control box.
All the surfaces contacting with products are made of stainless steel.